Sunday, April 19, 2009

Going Beyond Oval

It's good to be back after a short hiatus. I have delivered my second company project on time last mid-week and now it is time for me do deliver my own railroad project.

I was "discovered" last week by a few colleagues who googled my name and found my personal blogs, including this one. They saw me and we started talking about model trains (for me, passionately). Big boys playing with trains. Betcha! And, it is not just connecting a few pieces of tracks into an oval shape and let the train chase its tail. No, no .... model railroad is a SERIOUS business (and it is not TOY!)

Now, let's not get to uptight about this. My upper deck track plan is finalised, a month ago. However, something is still bothering me. Smither's Lake peninsula!

Smither's Lake Peninsula (upper deck)

The peninsula extends 5.5 feet from the wall and 3 feet wide at the widest point. Below Smither's Lake is future Galveston Bay and Galveston terminal. I have not draw the track plan for the lower deck but what will be there is all noted in my Ideas Book.

One of my druthers is to make sure the lower deck peninsula is free from any obstruction. As you can see, the upper deck has a scenic divider between Richmond and Alvin but the lower deck must have an unobstructed view of the Galveston port terminal and the bay.

For now, the lower deck needs to be supported by this benchwork.

Lower Deck L-Girder Benchwork (Plan View)

Smither's Lake (Upper Deck) and
Galveston Bay (Lower Deck) (Front View)

My challange now is to find a way to make the lower deck obstruction-free. One method I thought of is to use acrylic panels to support each corners (as shown in red) and which, I hope, are strong to support the weight of the entire upper deck.

Update #1:
This is what a good sleep can do for you. This is how I want my upper deck (Smither's Lake) to be "free-hanging" and supported, while the bottom deck (Galveston) is supported by the middle legs.

Compare this and the above drawing. This below drawing meets my free-space that I want for Galveston and the lower deck is not hindered by the benchwork legs.

Do you have any suggestions or comments?

Back to drawing board!

Jimmy Low


Anonymous said...

I found the drawing on your website a little too small to see details well, on my small laptop screen. Is there a way you can make it click-able to come up separately in a larger size, or post pieces of your drawing at a larger scale, sort-of like you did with the first drawing? - Gerhard (from the MR/trains forum)

mytrainmaster said...


Here is the image URL. I am still figuring out how to insert photos in MR/Trains Forum.