Saturday, August 20, 2011

Trai-N-Master now in a Train Company

It has been almost 2 years since my last post. I am still going well, thank you. I have moved to Frankfurt (in Germany) after spending 1 year in Berlin for my MBA. I am now working in Deutsche Bahn (DB), yes, a dream came true. I shall write more about my work later. But, just to let everyone know that I might revive Rosenberg Meet in N-scale. Thankfully, most of my planning notes were posted here and with your comments, I can now pick up from where I left off.

Okay, I said "might" since I would need to settle down in my new apartment in the next 2 months and would definitely take a few more months to let everything fall in place. I will not have a big place like I had in Kuala Lumpur. I don't have a 11' x 11' room to space. Nonetheless, I think I have a beautiful, enclosed balcony or loggia as they call it here, with plenty of natural light.

View from living room

View of balcony (one end)

I intend to use this space as a work space but to have the model layout circling the parameters of the balcony and a duck-under for crossing the access to the living room. Rosenberg Tower 17 will still be the main theme of this layout but would now mean that I have to rethink how the Galveston and Glidden subdivisions fit into this narrow space. Could I compress all those important features between Rosenberg to Galveston island within this space?

It is time to review my planning notes and your comments. Watch out this space for updates.

Jimmy Low

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