Saturday, March 21, 2009

Headspinning Helix (Updated)

One challenge (in fact, 2 actually) I added to my layout is helix construction. I need one at each end of my layout to get to lower deck which is 14 inches from the upper deck. Now, firstly, this is my first layout and secondly, adding 2 helices (!), I got to be nuts.

Anyway, I got to. Else, I would need to run 100 inches of straight track just to get between levels. I don't have the space to do the distance run and it does not make sense.

So, I learnt from other forumers how to calculate helix. Here's my calculation for Algoa single track helix.

Algoa Helix Calculation (from my Ideas Book)

I am waiting for forumers to comment on the above calculations. But, in essence, I am considering 16 inches effective radius to helix edge (to support 15 inches radius to track center) and a 2.5% max grade (Updates: Calculation okayed. Need to mock the helix and test the traction power of loco(s) and no. of cars it(they) can pull.

Jimmy Low

P/S: The Ideas Book is a great idea. I have jotted many notes there and handy to carry around. Do you have yours today?

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