Friday, March 13, 2009

(Did Not) Meet Mr Carpenter

Nope, not Richard Carpenter of The Carpenters siblings.

Bharani, a talented young chap, who built KTMrailwayfan club's benchwork (KTM took back their premises and the benchwork has been dismantled) , will be helping me with my benchwork. In my professional field, it's okay to outsource to the people who can do the task better than yourself. And, a solid benchwork is a MUST or the entire layout will suffer.

As the architect of Rosenberg Meet, I will drive the look and feel of the layout and the finer details while Bharani will help me with the knockings. I have seen his work.

We will meet today (Saturday) at 3pm with Jason, my first N-scale convert, to go through my layout plan. The overall track work is almost done. I will add the helices and other details based on feedbacks. I will also outline the structures and their positions on the layout.

This meeting signals the beginning of the layout construction. We will meet a few times to iron out the details. I intend to do a cardboard mock-up of the layout to get a feel of the layout height, dimensions and aisle spaces. The cardbock mock-up will also serve as a template for the plywood cutouts.

I will update as this progresses. So, stay tune and as always, your inputs are welcomed. Give them early so that I can take into consideration. I typically let a plan open for comments for 1-2 weeks before incorporating any details. 2 weeks is plenty of time. I don't like to rush and regret later. But, I have no regrets starting my first N-scale layout.

This morning, I overheard conversations about trains and I joined in the conversation. A few of my colleagues now know that I am a railfan and modeller. They are waiting for my layout to be ready to play trains! Wooooo Hooooooo!

Mr. Carpenter did not turn up today. His commuter train was 45 mins late and the heavy downpour in KL prevented him from reaching my place before 5pm. We have rescheduled for next Saturday.

Jimmy Low

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