Thursday, March 19, 2009

What's On Lower Deck? Galveston Terminal

I have not started work on this yet but here's the preview of what I had in mind.

After exiting the Algoa helix, the train will travel a stretch and reach Virginia point, which is directly below the intersection of the UP Glidden and BSNF Galvesto tracks at upper deck. The Galveston causeway stretches from that point west to where the word "Alvin" is.
The peninsular will host an industry and the Galveston Bay. The space between Alvin up to Rosenberg on lower deck will be Galveston terminal which will have UP and BNSF yards, intermodal terminal and petrochemical industry.

While waiting for Phase 2 Galveston island, I will install a 4 track staging yard beneath Rosenberg. This allows continouous running between Algoa helix and Temple/San Antonio helix (lower wall helix) at lower deck. I will have the mainline installed but not branchlines or yards that Galveston will have.

Lower deck track plan is still in my head but I am seeing a clearer vision now :)

Jimmy Low

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