Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's Now Official - Rosenberg Meet in N-scale

It's now official. My layout is called Rosenberg Meet in N-scale or Rosenberg Meet in short. You can also call it "Rosie".

The Official Logo of the Rosenberg Meet Layout

The Final Upper Deck Layout Plan

Rosenberg Meet white polo shirt

As for the polo shirt, I will definitely make one for myself. If there are fans out there who are interested to get one, please email me.

Jimmy Low

* The UP Shield and BNSF Circle and Cross Logos are trademark of Union Pacific Railroad and Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway respectively. Non-commercial use.


Rog said...

Jimmy, interesting to see someone in Malaysia interested in the BNSF GAT subdivision. I live not far from the Alvin/Algoa/Galveston area and do much of my afternoon railfanning on that line.

A couple of comments (just from my standpoint being around the line quite frequently). The Algoa Split, where the UP Angleton sub takes off into south Texas, is a hub of activity. More trains actually head down there than do into Galveston proper. BNSF uses that route to get to Seadrift, Corpus Christi and Larado, and it is the main UP line out of Houston to Brownsville and points in between. Also, where you have the POPP sub would more accurately be the location of the Alvin Wye, where the BNSF Mykawa sub comes out of Houston. Both BNSF and UP use this line, especially UP trains heading down to the Angleton Sub.

If you need some photos of the area in order to prototype some of the buildings, etc. I probably have them or can go shoot them.

mytrainmaster said...

Thanks for your comments. Yes, I like the BNSF Galveston from Rosenberg up to Galveston and I am looking forward to start construction.

My Algoa split/wye to Angleton is more for continuous running for UP trains but I take note of your observations of the activities on that subdivision.

I have another look at Google Map on the Alvin wye.

Yes, I will appreciate any photos of the places so that I can model realistically :) My only source for Alvin/Algoa/Galveston is Google Map. You can email to me at

Looking forward to hear more from you.


Rog said...


If you could look at doing your Alvin Wye/Algoa split for the UP, it might be more prototypical for the rail in order to get the UP run around on your layout.

Although, on Google Earth, it may look like a Wye, it is not, the leg leading south into Galveston is known as the transfer track, and until recently, was basically abandoned. Since the fuel prices went up, now the BNSF trains that come up (predominately the BNSF SEAGAT, or Seadrift~Galveston run) use that transfer track (I hear it on my scanner about three~four times per week) to get to Galveston on a track warrant.

If you need more information on the prototype operation of the line, in order to make your layout more accurate, please let me know. I am on Facebook as well, old a fart as I am.