Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Wonderful World of Internet

Isn't World Wide Web a wonderful invention of all time? For modellers like myself, from a far away land, the Internet brings the railroad closer to home; right in front of me. As I research about BNSF and UP in south-west Texas and looking at the photos, Google maps and other information about Rosenberg, Tower 17, Algoa, Galveston, etc., it made me feel like being there without being physically there.

As I looked at photos from Wes Carr, Russell Straw, Bob Chapman and others for inspirations and get a feel on the places mentioned about, immediately ideas popped in my head. I begin to jot down finer details what should be incorporated into my layout; those little things that you will not nice. Like they say, a picture paints a thousand words. There are many more words that you can dechiper from the photos. Take a look at them in these links and tell me what you see (look at them and close your eyes)

Robert Chapman's Rosenberg
Tower 17 Rosenberg Webshots
Rosenberg Railroad Museum and Tower 17
Rosenberg RR Museum
William Davis Jr's Information on Tower 17
Russell Straw's Photos of Tower 17 and other SP Towers (the man with the keys to Tower 17)
Wes Carr's Photos of Tower 17 Rosenberg (the photo that started my Tower 17 hunt)

And, with instant messaging, I am in touch with many on the side of the world. Thanks Steve, Denny, Kenneth, Dave, Flash, Russell, Jamie and others for your advice and comments. I truly appreciate the help in my layout. Every bit of information counts.

Jimmy Low

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