Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Locations to Model

I have taken some snapshots of the locations I want to model from Google Map. Some interesting features or industries to model (some selective compression is necessary).

Rosenberg Junction where BNSF Galveston and UP Glidden
cross each other

Richmond Junction where BNSF Galveston heads south-east
and UP Glidden heads east

Junction to Smithers Lake and Thompsons

Smithers Lake and Thompsons Coal Fired Power Plant

Thompson coal deposit pit and tracks that circle the pit

Thompson power plant

BNSF Galveston and BNSF Mykawa junction near Alvin

BNSF Galveston and UP Angelston junction near Algoa

BNSF Galveston and UP Galveston merge at
Virginia Point before heading to Galveston

Galveston causeway and lift bridge


Galveston can occupy the entire lower deck in the future. What a sight to model! Kenneth from Corpus Christi, Texas is modelling the island seaport of Galveston

I am drooling already

Jimmy Low

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