Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Madhatter: That's Me

Stephen Foyt posted his 24 hours at Tower 17, Rosenberg report and concluded that report saying "Anyone who actually read this far must have been REALLY interested." Yes, Stephen. I am one of those who read that far and analysed all the train movements as described by you.

I even looked up Google Map to map each of the start and end destination of the 77 trains you and Julian observed and recorded that winter 2004 day, just to get my orientation right vis-a-vis Rosenberg.

In fact, I went to the extent of analysing each train - the loco model, road number and cars that it hauled. You will notice a certain type of cars come from certain direction. And as I dived further, I found the reason why this is so. Well, I let you read Stephen's report and watch the type of trains that will ply my routes on my Rosenberg Meet.

Interestingly, BNSF tends to use specific motive powers in this region. The common ones are, in descending order of fleet, C44-9W and SD40-2 and SD70MAC. On the other hand, UP loves SD40-2, SD60M and SD70M. You will also see some SD40-2T (Tunnel Motor in Texas??), C44-9W and GP60. I suspect these came from ex-Southern Pacific fleet.

As for cars, definitely lots of rock hoppers and gondolas which are UP's "favourite" haul, the King of Grain BNSF with its grain hoppers and mixture of tanks, boxcars, stacks and trailers mainly by UP from New Orleans and Los Angeles

Now, you know what kind of traffic you will see on my layout and my coming acquisitions. Stay tune.

And, Stephen, someone is watching you :D

Jimmy Low

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